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The Importance of People Leaders within Organizational Change Management Engagements

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Organizational change management (OCM) is essential to any successful transformational effort. It involves preparing and supporting employees, stakeholders, and the organization to effectively navigate and adapt to changes in their work environment, processes, and systems.

One critical component of successful OCM engagements is the role of people leaders. People leaders are the individuals within an organization who guide, direct and motivate their teams to achieve company objectives. In addition, these leaders play a crucial role in ensuring that their teams properly understand and embrace the implemented changes.

Here are some reasons why people leaders are so crucial in OCM engagements:

  1. Communication: Effective communication is essential for any successful organizational change. People leaders are the primary communicators within an organization, responsible for conveying information and ensuring that their teams understand the changes that are taking place. They play a critical role in keeping their teams informed, engaged, and motivated throughout the change process.

  2. Buy-in: One of the biggest challenges in any OCM engagement is gaining employee buy-in. People leaders are uniquely positioned to influence and persuade their teams to embrace the implemented changes. In addition, they can help their teams understand the benefits of the changes and how they align with the organization's strategic objectives.

  3. Coaching and Development: People leaders are also responsible for coaching and developing their teams. During an OCM engagement, they can help their teams develop the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the new environment. They can also provide support and guidance as employees adapt to new roles and responsibilities.

  4. Resistance Management: Resistance to change is natural, and people leaders can help manage resistance within their teams. They can identify potential sources of resistance and work with employees to address their concerns and overcome their objections.

People leaders play a critical role in successful OCM engagements. They are an organization's primary communicators, influencers, coaches, and developers. They can help their teams navigate and adapt to changes and ensure the organization achieves its strategic objectives. With influential people leadership, even the best-designed OCM plans will likely succeed.

About the Author

Dion Charles is an experienced Change Management consulting professional and the founder of Sterling Advisory Services. Dion works with Fortune 500 clients across a variety of industries to help them achieve their desired return on investment through successful organizational change.

He is a Prosci Certified Advanced Instructor, Prosci Certified Advanced Practitioner, and Program Director of the Association of Change Management Professionals Ohio Chapter.

Connect with Dion Charles on LinkedIn.


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